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We think you’ll like the change…………

As you may have experienced, some, more established agencies have grown to such a size and number that the service they provide has deteriorated as a result.

With little attention to detail and the utilisation of computer selection databases, the candidate selection process is often a very mechanical one  –  the result which you see is that you are sent the wrong person with the wrong skills to do your job.

Unlike our competitors we do not simply go away and match the key skills required to those candidates on our database.

We specialise in the type of placements we offer, and therefore we only select the most qualified candidates for those type of posts. This means we can afford to spend more time with those candidates assessing the type of work they are looking for.

…and agree, change is for the better……..

Better policies…………..

At StepChange we like to employ a transparent and open operating policy with both our candidates and our clients.

That way we know that every candidate we send you is truly interested in working within your organisation and you’ll know they are suitable for your business before they even arrive!

….and better communication…...

We have an open feedback system in operation, to help us ensure our clients and candidates continue to be satisfied with our methods and approach.

We know we can’t always be perfect and we welcome your comments on the service provided by StepChange and will endeavour to incorporate any feedback you provide into our future operational policy.


…..means StepChange is the better choice